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Ortegas and WIP custom SPA


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I've been lurking a little while, and I'm really impressed with the community here. You all seem so supportive!

So far I've played about 1/100th of a game (we did a quick mini-vs-mini to see how the rules worked), so I really don't know anything except that I really enjoy the painting.

Last couple of weeks back I finished off the Ortegas:


Full gallery:


And I'm currently working on a Leveticus crew with SPAs + Desolation Engine. At the time, there were no SPAs, so I improvised:


Full gallery:


I've had no luck with the photography on the SPAs (hence the undercoat picture, rather than one of the ropey colour ones in the gallery), so my apologies for the poor quality.

All of the Malifaux miniatures represent a lot of firsts for me:

* first putty (milliput) use (bases and sculpting)

* first custom bases beyond superglue + sand

* first major conversion (SPAs are Mechanithralls + ghouls)

* first time I've had little to no uniformity between models, just lots of singles to paint

* first try on non-metallic metals (total fail ... )

* first try with rust (not a fail, but hardly a success!)

* first pinning (using the no-pin technique for bases - success!)

And so on ... !

I know the Ortega's look unusual on cobblestone, but I wanted to base them nicely something, and have had quite enough of sand for now! Hopefully the Leveticus bases will come out okay in the end.

I had a hell of a time getting the colours right on the SPAs, too. Apparently I don't know how to paint flesh when it's not flesh coloured ... I was aiming for a scheme similar to the Desolation Engine as depicted on the packaging, but ended up with a kind of neon pinky purple that had to get washed down. A lot.

All feedback is welcome, but since I've had mixed successes with a lot of the new stuff, advice in that direction is especially welcome!

*deep breath*

Okay, I'm ready ... hit me with the critique ...

- Piete.

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I'm with the above as far as critique goes really ..

These are sold love the converting and the painting .. The Ortegas look dead spangly and a great group .. looking forward to seeing how the rest of lev's crew progresses..

wish My First's on the list of firsts for you were as good first time out ...

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Thank you for the kind words! Good call on the SPA flesh: after some more thought I settled on a method for sorting the remaining 3 abominations, so painted them up. In retrospect I should have started with the Desolation Engine and back-ported the method and colour scheme, since that's been one of the hardest models I've ever had to paint.

The detail on the DE sculpt are tiny and really hard to pick out adequately in using the palette I'd chosen for the SPAs, even after some adjustments.


My photography hides many of the details my eyes complain about, but they look pretty good on the table. I can see lots of parts on the SPAs that could combine to make a DE, which was really what I wanted to try and capture.

More pictures available in the gallery, including some close ups of the bases. Still not completely happy with the bases, but not entirely sure how to proceed either. I probably need to take more care with my picture-taking, really.

More to come in a few weeks though, I'm sure! I found the perfect conversion starting point for a Hooded Rider, too ...

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