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Getting the edge


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I had an idea while tossing around a few list ideas. i am looking at useing this 30 pt list



Ice golem x 1

December acolyte x 2

ice gamin x 2

3 soul stones left over

I have been toying with the idea of deploying my acolytes just out side of my ranged attacks and useing them to drag a few enemies into range to make a nice volly of distnace attacks and spells crushing out enemies in one strong smash. i also see th acolytes being very useful takeing key terrain and earning scenairo vp. any feed back or comments. tips or tricks to playing with the acolytes? i have never used them befor

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I dont know about tips but here are some ideas I have been thinking about for my Ramos list,

I been thinking about adding the Razorspine Rattler to add some speed to the list for only 7 points. I also have been looking at adding the DAcolytes to the list for there from the shadows deploy myself, to help with VP stuff.

Rusty alyce and Johan are no brainers to add to the list but they do tend to make a crowed around Ramos since they have to stay close.

I should think about adding Myranda before I add the ratter or sabertooth since she can morph into them if i need them.

I have found hans to work quite well in this list if played right. But it reay depends on what u are looking to do for VPs.

If you have hans and the steam borg then you have two insta kill or discard triggers that will make your opponet think twice before cheating away her/his hand.

Essence of power is a better totem then Wendigo for Rasputina IMHO. Student of con. might work well with her too.

Killjoy can be summened by a steampunk spider, I find that funny.

Always remember with Ramos Controled detonation leaves a scrap counter, and is a great way to wound hard to wound models.

I can go on but now i feel like im just sperting out random facts.


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That's some really good advice I have been toying with the gamin's and the ice golem on my ramos team to add a few all around minions to his list. With Ramos I use his brass arachnid to re activate the ice golem and use him for an awesome turret

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