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Pandora Noob...


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New to Malifaux and skirmish games in general. last skirmish game I played was Necromunda when it first came out in the early... let's just leave it at 'early'... Loving the models, the fluff and not having to build armies in increments of 500 points in order to have a well rounded game.

Chose Pandora really because of the murderous children. Jumped online and saw that it was a 'finesse crew' and got worried about tactics and the added dynamic of casting spells on friendlies. Lately it's come up that the tactics have now changed with the latest errata.

I've got 2 more models from the boxed set to paint plus teddy before I'm ready to play...

Don't mean to frustrate anyone here but anybody mind listing the general step 1,2,3's as to what moves, who casts what and when to maximize the synergy with all the characters in light of the errata (opponent crew, strategies and schemes aside if possible)?

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I wouldn't worry too much about getting her 'right' form the start... learn the core rules first through a couple of games then figure out how she works for you.

You'll also want to learn how morale and WP duels in general work as they're part of your power... and definitely read the errata, faq, and the errata errata thread.

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