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Malifaux in Phoenix?


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Cool. IO is actually pretty easy and quick to get to from where I'll be staying and doing work.

You can probably count on seeing me in the store sometime in the next 2 weeks.

And fortunately for you guys, I won't be able to crush you all at the tourny on the 19th as I'll be leaving on the 6th. =(

Thanks guys, looking forward to meeting you both!

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the rules are as follows, Show up around noon, that is the start up time, five dollar entry fee. It will be a series thirty point scraps, You must keep the same master throughout all games, you will have a five minute period between games to alter your crew's minions (if necessary). we have a wide range of players going from having played three or four games, to people who play three or four games daily, so experience will vary greatly. So changing up your crew may or may not be needed, and most of all just be a good sport, you know. Also It will be a narrative tournie, and as such there will be a little story, that may or may not alter game play slightly. Hope to see you there,


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