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Malifaux Demo in Northern Virginia on 6/2/10


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My name is Aaron, and I'll be running a Malifaux demo at Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA on Wednesday, June 2nd at 5pm. Feel free to drop on by, I plan on being there until at least 8pm.

Where: Victory Comics - 586 S. Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

When: June 2nd, 5-8pm

If you are unable to attend, feel free to send me a message and let me know when might work for you, and I will be happy to schedule more demos in the future.

Thanks everyone, I hope to see you there!

Extra info: My meetup group for Malifaux in Northern Virginia also has this information, and if you join and RSVP there you'll receive reminder e-mails. Victory Comics is also posting this demo on their announcements board and Facebook page, so we're hoping for a good turn out. That means you should come on time!

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This event went really well. We had approximately 8 people show up to learn or watch a bit of the game. Victory Comics is definitely getting a growing crowd to compete with the Chantilly and Woodbridge folks. I hope to get something organized for a large group of people soon.

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