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May.NBR Hunting For Belles 2 +scenario2


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"She falls, The Hatters' forces grow and Lord Jameson reinforces the guild presence in the city." Pandora mused.

"What if he was to hunt her a day earlier, without a bodyguard but before he can raise his minions?" Lilith spat in the cauldron and the trio focused on its swirling foam.

It was a late evening in May and Inge Jameson wandered the park alone, fuming quietly to herself. He father had filled the house with all manner of dignitaries and the cigar smoke and having to act as a distraction had grated on her nerves so she had snuck out to spend the day in Hide Park.

But now the sun was setting and the Guild Guard were patrolling the area, each carrying their lanterns and giving her polite nods as they passed.


Seamus crept along the building. His thirst for The Dark Arts had become too much to contain; he had spotted this beautiful young plaything and she would be his!

The thrice cursed Guard were patrolling heavily, obviously at ease in the pleasant greenery.

He spotted a neat little guard in front of his and aimed his massive shiny fifty calibre pistol, acquired that afternoon.

It's kickback was too much for Seamus and the round shot past the guard, echoing through the park.

Guard Pessimal turned in shock and fired his crossbow at Seamus, grazing him alongside a leg


Guardsmen Vimes, drawn by Seamus' cursing also took aim and put another crossbow bolt straight through the stalker!


however, all this was lost on Guard Haddock and Tirel, checking door locks on the other side of the park , while Jameson sat idly on a bench


Seamus, focusing himself, drew the life force from Pessimal, his wounds knitting together


before he took a deep breath and shot the guardsman dead!


feeling the scent of death in the air, Seamus drew Pessimal's tidy spirit into himself and in a burst of dark power raised a corpse that had laid dormant underneath the grass.. Stella lived again!


Guard Haddock, drawn by the exchanges, rushed toward the shambling figure, but was gashed by the flailing parasol, infection from the grime and rust setting in fast


cursing in pain, he drew his sword and hacked at the gore-encrusted Belle


Meanwhile, guard Vimes rushed as Seamus, hoping to subdue the necromancer


Seamus turned toward the lunging figure "sorry laddie, Oi dinnae swing that way!" and arcing his sack of sharp tools around smashed the guard to the floor


Stella, having finished off Haddock, leapt for the fleeing Jameson, causing her a nasty gash across her face


Screaming, Jameson ducked under the zombie's arms and ran through the gate, her speed throwing off Seamus' pistol fire...


"time for us tae make our escape, yes?"

as Seamus hissed at Stella the scene blurred and faded...

"So, she survives if he does not have time to gather his strength?" Lilith asked.

"This would mean that Lord Jameson would not reinforce the Guild Ranks here." Pandora answered. ~"this is the path we must take?"

Zoraida nodded. "Perhaps Lord Jameson should host a soiree on the morrow." her voice creaked followed by a cackle.

The three witches began laughing, filling the swamp with a sound to bring shivers to the most hardened soul...


Here's Whispers' scenario to represent Seamus at the start of his career.

This one has a few more rules, but was very interesting to play :)

Hunting For Belles - Whisper


Guild - 4 Guild Guard. 1 VIP (Nurse with no abilities other than Harmless and (0) Scream - Push all Guard in 12" their WK toward this miniature )

Ress. - Seamus.


Deployment. use a scatter dice and 3D6 (or flip and double the number flipped) to deploy each Guild Guard from the centre of the board. Deploy the VIP and Seamus according to the Standard Deployment rules.

no special events / terrain.

Night Time:

LoS reduced to 8" unless 4" away from a lamp post, in which case anyone can draw LoS to the miniature. The Guild Guard each carry a Lantern and are counted as Lamp Posts for this ruling.

Moving the Guard. Guard are counted as "Patrolling". while Patrolling, they may only use Walk actions, moving in a Random Direction for each action. If they contact a board edge or a piece of terrain, the Guild Player may pick the direction they move in.

If they gain LoS to any of the Ress. players' miniatures, they are considered Alerted and activate normally.

Honking Gurt Gun. If Seamus fires his .50, immediately Push all Guard their Wk toward him.


Ress. - 2VP for Killing The VIP. 4VP is successfully raises a Belle from her body and both it and Seamus survive the game.

Guild - 2VP if the VIP makes it off Seamus' board edge. 4VP for killing Seamus

no Schemes may be taken.

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