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May.NBR Hunting For Belles +scenario

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The fire flickered , giving off light and precious little heat in the dark dank swamp, barely illuminating the three figures circling the cauldron.

With a sigh Pandora threw a handful of unidentified items into the cauldron, changing the murky liquid inside into a dirty green colour.

"Lord Jameson will be an issue. His voice on the council will reinforce the Guild stationed here. the future death of his daughter sways his mind."

"yes." Lilith agreed. "That new visitor Seamus will grow stronger as a result as well. should she carry a bodyguard?"

"A bodyguard would take an extra day to arrange. His forces would be larger in number by then."

Both turned to Zoraida.

"Let us see what Fate has in store, should she be accompanied." the Hag sat in the cauldron and squinted into its depths...


It was May and Inge Jameson had been enjoying an afternoon stroll in Hide Park, a large grassy area quite out of place in the city.

Her father, taking advice from various parties, had insisted she take four off duty Guild Guard, much to her annoyance. But now dusk was approaching and she was due to return home...


Seamus sauntered in the lengthening shadows with his most recent conquests, Stella and Chastity following behind him. He could taste this woman's scent on the air and knew he needed her, soul and body for his own.

He gestured and grunted as he waved two reanimated dogs off to the other side of the street.


He grinned as he stalked silently over the grass "she must know Oi'm a-comin'" he muttered toward Chastity "why else'd she be out awaitin', huh?"


Meanwhile, following Guard Vimes' suggestion the squad moved off along a side-street, he distrusted the wide open space confronting the group.


the hounds loped around a corner with the only sound the dripping of blood from their mouths onto the grass. They were on the hunt and having fresh meat downwind served only to feed their hunger


Seamus, having spotted the armoured form of Guild Guard disappearing behind some buildings, gathered his Belles and shot across the gravel path leading to the parks main gate


Guard Tirel, having followed Vimes' lead set-up a Cordon; she was cautious about thieves and worse sneaking up on the group from behind...


Vimes, leading the squad forward found himself rushed by the torn remains of a dog, it throwing itself against him, worrying at his armour and sinking teeth into his arm to the bone


as he shook it off his arm the second hound leapt, sinking its teeth into his jugular and the other guard could only watch in horror as he fell, hounds tearing at his body


as the group bunched up one of the hounds launched at Guard Haddock, causing little more than a scratch down his armour plate.


roaring in anger Guard Tirel charged the other hound, splitting it in half with a swing from her sword!


Spotting one of the shambling Belles approaching, Tirel wasted no time in rushing toward Chastity


Meanwhile, Guard Haddock and Pessimal struggled to hold the rabid hound away from Miss Jameson


and Stella joined Chastity in attacking the lone Tirel


and the other two constables still could not put the canine down!


Seamus, drawn toward the attractive figure of Tirel, took careful aim and shot her dead "oi'm in need of a rough strong lady t'take care o' me!" he chuckled as he reloaded his shining new revolver.


Hearing the gunshot distracted the hound long enough for the two Guild Guard to put it down for good


Guard Haddock turned and spotted the shuffling form of Chastity and advanced to investigate


Guard Pessimal followed behind, cocking his pistol and the pair opened fire on her, blowing chunks of rotten flesh over the grass


still advancing, haddock drew his sword and was rewarded with Seamus shooting his head off!

"Ye be leavin' ma girlies alone laddie!"


In response, Guard Pessimal shot Chastity in the head, blowing chunks of bone and gore everywhere.

In panic, the young Jameson turned and ran, slipping over the gore left by Chastity's demise.

taking advantage of Pessimal's distraction, Stella launched herself at the guardsman


Seamus, cursing Jameson's escape, flung his pistol up and shot Pessimal's head clean off! Stella looked on in wonder as his neat bowler hat dropped onto the floor in front of her.


swearing profusely, Seamus focussed his anger and grinned as a new plaything torn herself out of the ground in front of him


stepping aside, he squinted at the retreating figure of Jameson. "Oi likes it when they play hard t' get!" and as he levelled his pistol the scene faded away...


"Well then. That extra day makes a big difference then." Lilith folded her arms.

Zoraida simply nodded.

"She falls, The Hatters' forces grow and Lord Jameson reinforces the guild presence in the city." Pandora mused.

"what if he was to hunt her a day earlier, without a bodyguard but before he can raise his minions?" Lilith spat in the cauldron and the trio focussed on its swirling foam.

To Be Continued...


So, this is one of two "character" scenarios Whisper and I have written for Seamus (we'll be doing other Masters as we feel like it!) representing early in his "career" and picking off nubile young ladies ala Jack The Ripper.

the reason there's two battle reports is that we each came up with a scenario :)

Hunting For Belles - Greenstuff Gav


Guild - 4 Guild Guard. 1 VIP (Nurse with no abilities other than Harmless and (0) Scream - Push all Guard in 12" their WK toward this miniature )

Ress. - 12SS. Must Take Seamus as Master. May not take any figure with Unique, a value of more than 4SS or larger than Ht2


Standard Deployment

no special events / terrain.

Night Time:

LoS reduced to 8" unless 4" away from a lamp post, in which case anyone can draw LoS to the miniature.


Ress. - 2VP for Killing The VIP. 4VP is successfully raises a Belle from her body and both it and Seamus survive the game.

Guild - 2VP if the VIP makes it off Seamus' board edge. 4VP for killing Seamus

no Schemes may be taken.

EDIT: and now, Part Two! :D

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