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2 Questions about Victoria(s)


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1:On page 189, it states "Weapon, Masamune Nihonto: Magical."

I can not find in the abilities sections(pages 23 & 72), the glossary(pages 204-209), weapons (page 22) or on her page a description of "magical" as a talent.

Would this be an error or is it in reaction to "Magic Resistant" (page 72) or another talent, or ... am I missing something?


If it is for "Magic Resistant", shouldn't the wording include non-spell magic damage?

2:If I included a "Companion" to Victoria (other than the other Victoria) would I have to select the Victoria that it was attached to?

thanks for your time,


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ok, it would help if they included it in talents/abilities, but its better than a GW 2nd or 3rd edition codex. any answer on the "companion"?<-----it would help if i checked all of the reply before asking something a second time after it was answered

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