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Levi: Unstable Necromancy when down to one wound


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Had my first game vs Levi yesterday, and it was fun!

One of his rules which I had a little doubt is the timing of Unstable Necromancy: if this causes to kill Levi during the Start Closing Phase, does he come back with Eternally Shackled straight away (same closing phase) or in the closing phase of the next turn? The Eternally Shackled rule is if Levi dies "during the turn", which we concluded with my friend that this included the Start Closing Phase also, and therefore allowed him to come back immediately after losing his one last wound.

Did we do this right?

Also we wondered about Entropic Transformation: if Levi has only one wound left can he still cast it? We concluded that no he could not, since he didn't have enough "life force" to generate the spell kinda of explanation. Was that right? And could he do it if he had 3 wounds left? The errata explicitely mentions some spells with which he is allowed to reduce his wounds to 0 with but does not mention this one, so we concluded that it would not be allowed.

Thanks for helping!



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