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Outcasts: Is This A Legal Crew ?


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Asking because I think this runs along the lines of a specific rule trumps a general rule... RE: Hamelin.

01. Outcast Crews can only include Outcasts - general

02. Hamelin can hire one HT1 model from any faction - specific

So, would this list be legal for 35 points ?

00 Master: The Viktorias

08 Taelor

06 Johan

05 Ronin

09 Hamelin

04 ( 03+01 ) -- Terror Tot Nephilim

03 Soulstones

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Just remember the downside to using Growing Influence:

Growing Influence: Crews containing this model may hire 1 Ht 1 model from any Faction. If the model activates outside of 10" of this model, it is sacrificed at the end of its activation.

So if the model is 10" away from Hamelin at the start of its activation, it dies after it makes one final activation.

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But once the little tot grows up, then its no longer the original model ... correct ?

If it still counted as the original model, then I was thinking it could activate... eliminate a damaged target... then Hamelin uses Obey twice to make it charge, then attack another target - essentially growing from Tot - to - Young - to - Mature Nephilim in a single game turn.

Edit: oh wait...

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It's really hard to grow the Tots to Mature with Lilith and many of them on the board, I think you'd be lucky to make it to Young if you bring a Tot to the table with Hamelin. When a Tot grows, it is replaced with a Young Nephilim and all wounds and effects on the original Tot still apply to the Young Nephilim. I think this includes growing influence too.

Also, the model won't grow while it's attacking during obey. You could first charge something and kill it with the Tot, then obey it to grow, then obey it to charge again through the use of another spell and triggering to obey. The problem is that you're not gaining any blood tokens during obey as you can't use the (0) action to drain blood even if you kill something. In addition, for this to work, you'd pretty much have to have a hand full of :masks to pull it off. Grow needs one, Growing Command needs one, and you'd probably have to have a big one for Flay too.

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