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Seamus & Killjoy 30ss

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Ok so I've got the redchappel gang, and love the killjoy model, so im trying to fit him into a list. Even though he seems to pricy for the 30ss game my friends and I usually play at.

Seamus (the Pimp)

2 Belles (the girls)

Sybelle (the Bottom B***H)

Killjoy (the Hired Help)

with 6 ss for seamus

Usual Schemes:

Bodyguard (seamus)

Army of dead (unless a better option is open)

the basic idea is to lure the biggest nastiest thing i can into melee with a belle the when it kills her use the slow to die action to summon Killjoy then proceed to feed him oponents models with more lures and when he dies use to corpses for more belles or army of dead points. seamus run and guns what he can. sybelle is there for backup melee and to be a companion for all of the belles.

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Hi, I too am looking at taking Killjoy with the Belles. However after being mostly underwelmed with Sybelles performances. I am going to swap her out for another belle and a necropunk or 2. Once killjoy gets moving I think Seamus will have no trouble raising a few more ladies of the night just to hold things in combat close to Killjoy.

Incidentaly, you can try playing Seamus with only a minimum of SS in his cache, I found with his ability to draw wounds from other models he really only needs to avoid getting bogged down with lots of enemy models, grr damn tots.:blowup:

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I've had similar issues with Sybelle - I'd recommend making space somehow for a hanged - the combination of Terrifying 13 on it, 13 on killjoy and 12-14 on Seamus with his -Wp aura can get really bloody oppressive. Although this is a great deal less applicable when you go up against other undead/constructs. At that point I'd just stick to something similar, although punks are a perfect carridge for Killjoy.

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- ok tested the list proxing killjoy with my friends desolation engine models and WOW just WOW the whole feel of the game changes as soon as killjoy touches down mind you most of the reason for this was my oponent forgot I even had killjoy in my list out of sight out of mind i guess.

-actually I've gotten quite a bit of use out of sybelle, used her as casting support mostly though and wile it might be situational crave punishment on a force fielded (4!) joss is just too much fun

-I'm prolly going to get necropunks if for no other reason than I love the models so I may try ditching my sybelle for a pair

-as for the hanged well most(all) those i have played so far have used constructs so fear doesn't seem like to big a deal so far

-thanks for the replys any more advice for a new seamus player

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