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removing the tabs from minis


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Small wire cutters or fingernail clippers are ideal for this. Snip them off and clean it up with an exacto blade.

hmmm..didnt think of that..and I do have some toenail clippers around here somewhere....should to the trick

was a bit of a shock to see how robust they were. too used to others companies minis that have weak and much smaller tabs.

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I'm used to thick tabs most of the time, actually.

Sprue nippers, like used for plastic models is what I use for most of them (essentially like the nail clippers). If it looks likely to be damaged by the nipper, I'll use a jeweler's saw - essentially a coping saw with a very flexible blade. GW markets all these sorts of tools, but if you have a general hobby store nearby you can find them without the GW markup.

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