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First attempt at Steampunk Arachnid


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I like it. I hadn't thought of using those kind of washers before, great idea. I ripped aprt a couple old watches the other day for some parts for my Ramos crew bases. That mud is pretty good too. How was it done, if you don't mind sharing? Also, what magnets did you use? I've been looking at the Amazing Magnets website and was trying to determine what sizes I should order.

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I use the smallest cylinder shaped magnets they sell at www.kjmagnetics.com. The mud was jus done with a resine coarse pumice mixture that I threw all the random washers and metal parts in. When it dries its pretty solid. I primered it all with a rust colored autoprimer and painted over it with vermin brown to give it a more muddy rustic look.

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Its funny you mention that after looking at them I was thinking X-men also. Might try to ink it to change the look of the gold. Yea h and I am very suprised I figured the spiders would be really easy to paint but the little guys turned out to be a bit harder than I though.

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