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Greetz from South Jersey !


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So after spending nearly three hours about two weeks ago reading the store's copy of the rulebook, then glancing over two demos last week, I finally jumped in and played a demo last night at the LGS using the Viktorias...

...and well I just gotta say - the time spent was well worth it ! Yep, I'm hooked and look forward to next week's paycheck to start building.

Good job on both the game mechanics and the sculpts !

Oh, quick questions for clarity regarding the Viktorias - and their model/weapons...

01. Can you begin the game with two of the same models ( two Paired or two with Pistols ) ? Or do you have to use one of each ?

02. When gaining new Viktorias ( ie Ronins ) do you simply replace the removed model with the same model, or can you replace with a different one ( similar to above ) ?

I guess the short of it - do you ever need to buy extra Viktoria models, or do you ONLY use those two specific ones in the starter box ?

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Welcome, great to hear you got hooked. I'll let the rules marshals answer your questions (they're much more comprehensive in their answers than me!), but I did want to welcome you to the forums. I hope you have a great time!


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