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Gear Painting tips


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painting gears is usually the same thing as painting metals. I would just make sure that the gold/silver is done in a well rounded way. For instance top gear gold, three single 2nd layer gears silver, last one gold and silver little gear on top of it. Then thrid layer gold. or add brass or copper ect if you want a little more variety.

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Is the base resin or metal? If it's resin, disregard this entire post...

I've had a lot of luck using inks over bare metal followed by gloss coat to protect it. My Peacekeeper was done with bare metal and ink, looks great. You have to be really careful about covering the right color in the right spot, or you'll have to go back and file/scrape off where you inked "outside the lines."

Use fine grit sandpaper to smooth out any shiny parts, like rivets & pointy bits.

2:yellow, 1:red, 1:brown makes for a really nice copper color. I use yellow for gold, thinned down black with scraped/sanded off highlights for silver.

Finish the whole thing with a thin smoky ink wash. After it's dried a while, I brush on a glossy sealer. Finish with a dullcoat, then gloss up the highlights and shiny bits again.

I've heard a lot of folks have problems with the ink washing out when they seal it, but I've had no problems so far.

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