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Color of Ramos box and cards


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I got my Ramos set and the color on the box is purple and not blue. I figured it was just a printing issue with the box, then I opened it and the cards are the same color. The 2 Steampunk Arachnid Swarm cards are even a darker purple than all of the others. I even compared it to the book and they're 3 different colors. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this expected? You'd think this was a Neverborn faction and not Arcanists.

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Yeah, they look distinctly blue when you place them against Neverborn cards (which are more violet than the Arcanist's indigo).

I have noticed quite a big discrepancy between the colours of cards of the same faction though, especially the Outcasts and Arcanists. I don't know why there's such a notable variation, unless either Wyrd use a number of different printing companies... Or the quality control at the printers is so-so?

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