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I only have 1 figure premiered, and I got him because my order still hasn't come in. So this will be an ongoing thread updated as i finish stuff. I am going to try to sculpt all my bases and where sculpting isn't the best option I will try to make my own. (I don't want to buy a base it doesn't show much creativity, and no I am not putting those of you that buy them down I just want my first set of miniatures to be special.)

These are my first miniatures ever. I have never painted, assembled, sculpted or anything of the sort. So I probably made a mistake starting out with what is possibly the smallest miniature I have seen since I got interested in them.


Sorry for the bad pic my phone didn't like the white background it auto darkens when needed and you couldn't make out what the figure was.

I still have to add a piece to it. I want a hand or leg or brain in "her" doggy bowl. I know the story line its a boy but I think it is better if its a girl. Will allow me to give the bowl a main color of pink to off set the colors I am planning to use for the dog.

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