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1st game


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Hey all! First and fore most, I wish to thank greyseerco. Ran into him at a local Con [Tacticon] and he had the figures he picked up at Gencon and taught me the game.

I played Ramos and his wonderful steam toys. Greyseerco had the Hag and her silly lizards. We went through the whole set up process and had an interesting board. Terrain was Mountainous and consisted of a Nexus and 3 ancient monoliths. [We had a Rockslide too, but forgot about it the whole game] Mistakes were made and we both ended up on a treasure hunt. Needless to say it was a close game as he lost Zoraida on turn 1 or 2 and that left him in a world of hurt. I managed to keep the game alive until the end of turn 8. He only had one Silurid left and I had him cornered and failed 2 attacks in a row. The game then ended and left him with the treasure in his deployment zone.


I will be getting 2-4 crews to demo with. Thinking Ortegas, M&SU, Lady J and the Gremlins.

GREAT game guys. This is the first game in sometime that has grabbed my imagination and took off running with it.

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Glad to hear it got you so well!

Zoraida dropped on turn 1 or 2? WOW! That takes some doing!

Well, it helped that he ran her up to the middle of the board on his first activation and left her in the charge range of the Steamborg Executioner. ;) He admited it was not the best move...


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