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Malifaux Yorkshire Rumble - 6th-7th July 2024 - Huddersfield

GJ Yan

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Join us for the first-ever Malifaux Yorkshire Rumble! This will be a ranked two-day Malifaux event, taking place in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, on 6th-7th July 2024. Spaces will be limited to 24. This event will use chess clocks. You can also follow the Facebook event here: https://fb.me/e/30v7AvXX5

Information on how to sign-up is enclosed in the Rules Pack (attached). Let me know if you have any questions and I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

1. Jamie Astbury
2. Jack Zissell
3. Emma Newham
4. Jamie Varney
5. Radek Bry
6. Tom Kapel
7. Ben Ault
8. Chris Graham
9. Oz Goff
10. James Boosey
11. Esme Bloomfield
12. Jack Brown
13. Adam Eccles
14. Greg Packman
15. Tom Potter
16. James Makings
17. Dan Brown
18. Ben Salmon
19. Mark Wheldon
20. Bert Diamond
21. Stephen Renouf
22. George Renouf
23. Matthew Dunk
24. Jack Bicknell


Malifaux Yorkshire Rumble 2024 - Rules Pack v01.15.pdf

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Sign-ups will open on 15th January 2024, at 18:00. Tickets will cost £40 per person and will be limited to 24 players. This will cover the 5-round, 2-day ranked tournament, as well as the option to take part in a game of Bonanza Brawl for those interested (time for this will be decided based on interest). The Rules Pack will go live at the same time.

As this is a 2-day event, in order to allow sufficient time for planning, tickets will have to be paid for upon sign-up to secure your spot.

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Although still some months away, I'm already working on some really awesome swag and prizes for this. Only 7 spots remaining so make sure to book your ticket soon to avoid missing out!

I'm extremely excited about the first bit of swag which arrived recently - some lovely Malifaux Yorkshire Rumble wooden pin badges!

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