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Sawbone's Patient Files and Fate Master Character Damage Flips clarification


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Patient Files applies a negative twist to damage flips made against characters they've applied Under My Care to. Fatemaster Characters don't flip cards. Does this mean

  1. Patient files only matters in pvp?
  2. Negative Twists essentially reduce the rank of a Fatemaster Character for damage flips by a certain amount?
  3. Fatemaster characters flip for damage and I missed this rule?
  4. Something else I haven't thought of?
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Fatemaster characters do flip for damage ("...the Fatemaster makes the damage flip in that character's stead..." Core Rules pg.301), very understandable to have missed that at first glance.

I will mention, that because of the way that the Jokers work (the Black overrides the Red), whenever more than one card is being flipped, the odds of the Jokers are always slightly against the person actively flipping cards. That's why I really enjoy Talents like Hard To Wound and Patient Files. It doesn't make a huge difference compared to other Fate Modifiers, but it just feels nicer when the Jokers aren't working against your character (=

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that feels weird, since it's kinda messing with the card counting slant of the fate deck. These damage flips can end up stealing built up good or bad luck. Unless I'm supposed to use a separate deck or something for fatemaster characters

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