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Rocket Party Objective Markers in Sideways Deployment



Rocket Party says in relevant part:

"After an Objective Marker is moved into base contact with a table edge in a player's Deployment Zone, it is removed, the opposing Company scores 3 VP, and places an Objective Marker anywhere within 3" of the centerline at least 12" away from another Objective Marker."

In Sideways, the centerline meets the players' Deployment Zones at the narrow tapered edge. 

A question came up in a game.  If you get the marker into that little corner, in base contact with the table edge, then you remove it and get 3 VP.  But then you can just place it in the exact same place, score 3 VP, place it again, score 3 VP...

Even if something prevented the endless loop, it appears you can just place the marker straight in the opponent's deployment zone, auto scoring 1 VP at the end.

Is this intended, or am I missing something?

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