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Malifaux 3e tournament 22/03/2020

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Date: March 22, 2020
📍 Location: TableTop club

Format - 50 SS, 3 rounds.
Henchman - Ars

📋 The tournament will be held according to the rules of the third edition of Malifaux, GG1.

- Requirement for painting - 50% of models in the band, summons do not count
- Proxies are allowed for models that have not yet been released
- Conversions must contain no more than 33% of parts of manufacturers other than Wyrd Miniatures
- Players must have printed maps of their models and upgrades with them.
- Be sure to use official decks for Malifaux or custom decks with Malifaux suits
- The player claims one faction for the tournament and can play only to her
- Dead man’s hand only allowed as a sole master. To take masters from DMH to others (second or third), as well as other masters to DMH is impossible. The ONE and ONLY!
- Uses the current release version of the rules from the Wyrd.
- Schemes and strategies are generated in advance, the definition of the attacker and the defender occurs immediately at the beginning of the game
- It is necessary to have markers for schemes, strategies or special abilities of characters.
- Round time 2 hours 30 minutes. At the end of time with an unfinished game, players can agree on the results in the presence of the referee. In the absence of agreement among the players, the final decision remains at the discretion of the organizers.
- In case of an odd number of players, the proxy player is the judge
- In case of violations of the rules of the event, the organizers can apply fines to the participants, or even exclude them from participation (in the case of malicious and intentional disregard of the rules).

During the tournament, all players will receive printouts of strategies and schemes.

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