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Depths of Winter League - SE MA


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Hey fellow Wyrdos!

The Armour is hosting a new 3E Malifaux league!  For this one we will be starting at full 50ss games with no hiring restrictions.  That's right, Dead Mans Hand and multi-master are both allowed!  Have you been itching to try out a new faction?  Go right ahead, factions are not locked for the league!  Lets flex our gaming muscles in prep for Captain Con!

There will be a weekly cap of 1 game.  Oh, you have more time and would like to get extra games in?  Great!  You can also record up to 1 bonus game per week.  Bonus points will be tallied separately.  You may only record 2 league games and 2 bonus games with  the same person over the entire course of the league.  

Entry: $15

Format:  Weekly league


Most league points
Most bonus league points
Best differential
A player may only receive 1 of the above prizes

Best painted single model
Best painted crew
A player may only receive 1 of the above prizes.  

Per Gaining Grounds Season 0 painting competition criteria: 
No models that were part of a painting competition victory are eligible to win another painting competition put on by the same TO in the same year.  Players are encouraged to keep painting more models to add to their collection and submit new pieces for subsequent painting competitions.

If a player would win a second prize in a given category it will instead be awarded to the next eligible player.

Painting entries will be judged on the last night of the league, 2/5/20.  You do not need to be present for your models to be judged, feel free to leave them at the shop any time leading up to that night.

Double points on Malifaux purchases for playing in the league! 

Prizes based on participation 

Play a game and get a league pt.  Win a game and get an additional league pt for a total of 2 for that match.  

Players can make up missed games (up to 2 missed games can be made up).  

We will meet Tuesdays at 6pm but you can play games in store any day of the week.   

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