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Any good Asura Roten Showcase?


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Here's my Asura and her zombie friends.


Since I put the zombies on their own bases I didn't want to leave Asura's base empty so I used some old Warhammer zombie bits to add some flavor.

As for whether you should base them separately like I have it depends on how you think you'll be playing. Since Mindless Zombies are rare (5) the Mindless Zombies box will cover all your needs and if you're planning on using a lot of models capable of summoning MZs (like Carrion Emissary) you should go with the MZ box and keep Asura's zombies with her. If Asura is your only model in your collection that can summon MZs and you don't think you'll ever expand into a crew that uses them then you might be able to get away just using the 2 zombies as your only MZs. Alternatively if you already have another 3 MZs (like the old pewter versions or other proxies) then it makes economic sense to base these 2 zombies separately. In my case I assembled her during M2E when there was no limit to MZs. I already had the plastic and pewter MZs so these two put me at a nice rounded 10 MZs which looks nice together on their display shelf.

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