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Jacks on Queen Escalation League


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*The following details were commandeered from @subgenius13 - if you ever find yourself North of the Border come to the totally-peaceful-and-not-at-all-pirate-ridden shores of Georgian Bay and I'll thank you in person!

Come join Jack’s first ever Malifaux Escalation League!

Bi-weekly on Tuesdays starting at 6:30 (October 22 - December 17), this is the perfect opportunity to build your first crew, take up a new faction, or get to know your old crew better! The league will culminate with a final tournament held in January (exact date TBD).

Everyone will receive a set of 3E quick-reference cards at their first game – and there will be a raffle for some great prizing at the final tournament! How do you earn raffle tickets?

  • Receive one ticket for each game you play on a League Night, plus an additional ticket for each game won (tied games only give one ticket per player)

  • Receive one ticket for each monthly League Paint Jam attended

  • Receive one ticket for bringing in one or more NEWLY painted Malifaux miniatures to a League Night (new since previous League Night)

  • Receive one ticket for each Wyrd product purchased at Jacks on Queen between Oct 15 - final Tournament in January (bring your receipt to any League Night to receive your ticket(s)!)

  • Receive one ticket for bringing in a new player to either a League Night or Paint Jam (new players are anyone who has not yet played a formal game of Malifaux at Jacks on Queen – demos do not count!)

League Nights:

October 22 - 25 soulstone Henchmen-led crews

November 5 - 30 soulstone Henchmen-led crews

November 19 - 35 soulstone Master-led crews

December 3 - 40 soulstone Master-led crews

December 17 - 45 soulstone Master-led crews

Final tournament in January - 50 soulstone Master-led crews

League Paint Jam Nights:

October 29

November 26

December 10

Jacks on Queen can be found nestled in the sleepy town of Elmvale, ON. at 18 Queen St West. 705-515-5225 or http://jacksonqueen.crystalcommerce.com/ 

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