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M3E League Campbelltown NSW

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Hey guys, I'll be running a league for M3E over the next few weeks at The Hall of Heroes.

Address: The Hall Of Heroes Campbelltown, Shop 9 City Arcade, 156-168
Queen Street , Campbelltown, N.S.W, 2560. (02) 4625 8020.

Email: For rules specific questions krellnus@gmail.com, general store enquiries,

Points: 50 Soulstone Fixed Faction.

Dates: Sunday 8th September - Sunday 6th October

Cost: $10 per week or the purchase of a core box from the Hall of Heroes.
This will cover the cost of table hire for that game, just let the staff member on
duty know.

Structure: This league is an open-ended and exciting chance to get some
games of Malifaux in, learning the new edition and meet new people. It will
run for a period of 5 weeks and consist of 4 rounds starting on the Sunday and
ending on the following Saturday.

As shown below Sunday will be the official meet up day when pairings for
the week are announced, but you are free to discuss a time during the week
(before the next Sunday) with your opponent and all results being reported to
the organiser.

The result of your game is to be sent (via email, facebook or commenting here) to the organiser, by the end of Saturday.

Each round, players will generate a scenario and deployment following the rules on page 40 of the Malifaux 3rd Edition Rulebook.

Players will be awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss.

The fifth Sunday will not be a games day, but rather a meet up so that final standings can be announced and prizes awarded.

Game 1: To be played between 8th - 14th September.

Game 2: To be played between 15th - 21st September.

Game 3: To be played between 22nd - 28th September.

Game 4: To be played between 29th September - 5th October.

Standings and Prizes: 6th October.

Painted Crews: Although you may play with a painted crew, it is highly
encouraged that you pick a crew of unpainted models you own and paint them
across the course of the league so you can hone your painting and gaming skills
at the same time.

Prizes: There will be a prize in store credit for rst and second place at the
end of the league, with additional prizes based on numbers.

What to Bring:
The Malifaux 3rd Edition Rules
Your models
Tape Measure
A Fate Deck
A friendly attitude

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