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MuseOn Con (May 24th-26th) in Central Iowa

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  • Friday: Open Tables to play M2E, M3E, or TOS
  • Saturday: M3E Tournament - 50ss fixed faction (or fixed DMH master)
  • Sunday: M3ETournament- 50ss fixed faction (or fixed DMH master)


  • Tickets can be purchased at www.museonstore.com and are as follows...
  • $60 for the weekend if prepurchased ($65 at the door)
  • $20 for a day pass at the door


  • May 24th - 26th
  • Friday: Open Play and Dinner
  • Saturday: Malifaux (3-Round, 50ss M3E Open Beta) 10am - 7pm
  • Sunday: Malifaux (3-Round, 50ss M3E Open Beta) 8:15am - 5pm


  • West Des Moines Marriott Hotel on 1250 Jordan Creek Parkway


  • The Tournament TOs for the event will be myself and Doug Broman

Tournament Packets?

  • M3E (Sat-Sun): Will be released once we get closer to the event

And of course if you enjoy other games there will be Warmahordes, Guild Ball, Infinity, Blood Bowl, and more.

More details will be posted as they are finalized and they can also be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/319491458683376/


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