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Selling Misc Malifaux Minis (all NIB/on sprue)


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Miss Step (alt Langston) 20 $
Alt Kaeris 20 $
Alt Perdita 20 $
Miss Ery (alt Teddy - the card actually says 'Teddy' rather than 'Miss Ery', but the art is Miss Ery's; I think it's from back when it first appeared) 25  $
Nightmare Whiskey Golem (on sprue) 50 $
Arcane Emissary (box still in original wrapping) 30  $

Viktoria of Ashes (just the Master mini, from the Viktorias box. No card.) 8 $
Hamelin (just the Master mini, from the Hamelin box. No card.) 8 $
Paypal for payment. I'm in Europe.
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