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Russia, Moscow - 05.01.2019


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Hello there!

I welcome you all on the 1st Moscow 2019 tournament.

It will take place in Geek Wars (Paveleckaya) Hobby Center.

A pool of schemes and strategies will be issued to participants on the spot before the tournament, according to GG18

Contribution - 600 rubles

- 3 rounds, 50 shower stones
- Party time 2:15.
- A break between rounds of 15 min. Lunch break 45 minutes after round 1.
- At the end of the round time, the current activation ends and the results are calculated.
- Conversions must be recognizable. There are doubts on the topic of admission - write Henchman in PM
- Prints of character cards and models in high quality are allowed.
- A deck of Malifaux suits is required for use in a tournament.
- Full painted army is not required, but will please the eye
- Of course, Russian cards are allowed, but you must have an English original with you, at least in the app!

-1 place: big mystery boxing
-2-3 places: small mystery box
-1 random prize: New Year's surprise from the organizer
- Guilders for various funny achievements

Foil cards to all participants

(The prize fund may be increased or decreased, depending on the number of participants)

Registration starts at 11.00
Round 1 - 12.00-14.15
Round 2 - 3 pm-5pm
Round 3 - 6 pm - 8:15 pm

20.30 rewarding

Register here! - https://goo.gl/forms/RRiizBOAeL2dUTgk1

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