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Share a pic of your last game!


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Got a game of Other Side in with my Abysinna and wanted to get the ball rolling:



Still working out all the kinks, but the Lord of Steel got within a hair's breadth of killing the King's Hand but got swarmed by New Wales boarders. 


Also took a pic of the game next to me, a two commander game in which the King's Empire dueled with the Gibbering Hoards:



How about everyone else? Gotten a game in recently?

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Alright - you all clearly need encouragement:



Game against the Burning Man - Was wierd to deal with a unit that was just as elite as my Mehal Sefari. After buying 5 cards over two turns (and getting only 1s and 2s) I was forced to admit the VP difference had gotten too large to deal with by turn 4.

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