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Turkey Time Massacre 4: Just desserts


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Location: The Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699

Date: November 26th

Time: 6pm

Cost: Free

Since the henchmen of Malifaux City showed up to take care of the crazy turkeys that plagued the small town of Paradise Falls a year ago, things have been quiet. But as Thanksgiving draws closer, the town folk worry as signs of the turkeys have been showing up, and yet not a turkey is to be found. 

As the newest people to show up in the town, it might be fate that you are asked to help investigate. 

Grab your favorite model on a 30mm based and team up with others as you try to solve the mysteries of the small town. This event uses the defunc Through the Breach skirmish rules so you will need a fate deck to make your Twist deck. 

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