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I've been painting miniatures for several years now and thought I'd let you guys here know I'd be open to new commissions 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeFGrQTdfHaG3PAAp_l5c:)

I don't do "levels" - I always paint to the top of my skill after discussing details (color scheme/basing, etc.). I've worked with commissioners from all over the world (Japan, Australia, the US, Europe, you name it) so shipping internationally and packing minis safely for long journey is not an issue for me.

Below you can see some samples of my Malifaux work. In general my painting style can be characterized as "gritty". I feel comfortable painting all those nasty Neverborn/Undead creatures as well as those nice and honest humans who aren't afraid of rolling up their sleeves to do some serious work.

I am not the fastest painter in the world (job and family, life etc.) but I am willing to take on larger orders. To be perfectly honest, I would prefer painting stuff I haven't worked with before (new Malifaux releases, The Other Side stuff).

If you like my work and need something painted to a reasonably high standard, send me a PM with a list and I will reply with estimated cost.

For more samples of my work check out my blog at www.whatthefaux.net
















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