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[Germany] Rapid Growth and Competitive Leagues @ Top Tables Cologne


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Hi there everybody,


Between October 28th and January 20th we will be having two leagues running at the Top Tables store in Cologne.

First, there's Rapid Growth with slightly tweaked rules.

This one's particularly aimed at beginners since we've been having quite a few of those lately. Of course you are also welcome to participate if you're a more seasoned player but want to start a new crew / faction.

Rapid Growth will have 6 Game Weeks (2 Calendar Weeks) with 1 game respectively and you'll be able to earn your achievements any day that you agree upon with an opponent - there won't be fixed league days.


Then, there's a Competitive League.

This is aimed at those players who want to compete on higher levels with the most seasoned of players. Everyone will need to have a fixed faction and master with a 75 Soulstone Pool of models and upgrades that can not be changed throughout the league. Everybody will have to play one (or two, depending on attendance) game against all other participants.

The game format will be 50 SS and Gaining Grounds 2018 but with no requirements concerning painted models.

A win will earn 3 League Points (LP), a loss 0 LP and a draw 1 LP each. The winner will be decided by LP. In case of a draw VP and Diff will be the deciding factor.


Both leagues will have an entry fee of 5€ in order to cover the prizes that will be available (Prize Kit is already on the way). Also, both leagues will have an official break between Christmas and the 6th of January - however you can still set up games with people who are available.


In case you're interested in either format please send me a message or visit the Top Tables store in Cologne:

Top Tables GmbH

Sternengasse 1b

50676 Cologne / Germany


See you there!


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