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  1. Still doin' it. Now with 3rd Edition as well.
  2. bsm86


    More importantly, he lost the ability to not be slowed down by Underbrush Markers. Not having this may severely (pun intended) hinder his movement options on a typical Fae battlefield. Needs some testing though.
  3. bsm86

    Upgrade needs fixed.

    Have you tested it for a couple of games before coming to this conclusion or are you just assuming because it appears weird?
  4. bsm86

    Pandora Functionality

    This. Don't write her off until you played her a couple of times. Pandora is still crazy annoying for an opponent und can buy you 2-3 turns to bring the rest of your crew in position. With her tentacle thingy and a Sorrow to hand out Staggered she can cripple the most dangerous enemy Melee model to (almost) complete uselessness.
  5. bsm86

    Pandora in M3E

    Then part of the fun of playing her would be missing 😜
  6. Hi, As the topic reads I'm looking for the Alternative Lilith Model with Scythe. Untreated would be ideal but not essential. I'm willing to pay Cash or trade for something if possible. I'm living in Germany but please offer from all regions. Thanks, bsm
  7. Hi there everybody, Between October 28th and January 20th we will be having two leagues running at the Top Tables store in Cologne. First, there's Rapid Growth with slightly tweaked rules. This one's particularly aimed at beginners since we've been having quite a few of those lately. Of course you are also welcome to participate if you're a more seasoned player but want to start a new crew / faction. Rapid Growth will have 6 Game Weeks (2 Calendar Weeks) with 1 game respectively and you'll be able to earn your achievements any day that you agree upon with an opponent - there won't be fixed league days. Then, there's a Competitive League. This is aimed at those players who want to compete on higher levels with the most seasoned of players. Everyone will need to have a fixed faction and master with a 75 Soulstone Pool of models and upgrades that can not be changed throughout the league. Everybody will have to play one (or two, depending on attendance) game against all other participants. The game format will be 50 SS and Gaining Grounds 2018 but with no requirements concerning painted models. A win will earn 3 League Points (LP), a loss 0 LP and a draw 1 LP each. The winner will be decided by LP. In case of a draw VP and Diff will be the deciding factor. Both leagues will have an entry fee of 5€ in order to cover the prizes that will be available (Prize Kit is already on the way). Also, both leagues will have an official break between Christmas and the 6th of January - however you can still set up games with people who are available. In case you're interested in either format please send me a message or visit the Top Tables store in Cologne: Top Tables GmbH Sternengasse 1b 50676 Cologne / Germany See you there! Benjamin
  8. bsm86

    [GERMANY] malifaux in düsseldorf

    Hi, you could visit the Drachental shop in Düsseldorf. Or if you're willing to make the trip come to Top Tables in Cologne. There is usually someone available to play - I'd be happy to hook you up. In addition, we're having a tournament on November 3rd. If you're staying this long, maybe this is for you. Cheers, Benny
  9. bsm86

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    I generally don't like Woe Is Me that much but if it is your preferred way to play Dora then maybe here are some useful things: Drop Candy. Although she is pretty good and has a variety of tools, she won't be able to give you her money's worth in most games. Her attack is pretty useless as every opponent will have a pretty good guard against Wp duels anyway. 2 AP + Ca Expert can rarely be used to their full potential as you're either busy trying to heal or just stand there with Defensive +2 and one Attack that's probably going to miss anyway. The aforementioned Emissary is a perfect fit for Dora - Conflux of Sorrow is easy one of the better Confluxes out there. Even if you just copied a Misery aura you're able to drop one summon per turn that way in order to either Focus Incite or whatever the occasion calls for. And Hungry Lands are simply awesome. I'm not a huge fan of Lilitu and Lelu (especially Lelu). Sure, he's cheap and she has a great Lure. But the 13 stones between the both of them can easily be used to take Nekima. She forces Wp duels as well and her presence alone will make opponents less likely to head straight for Dora. If need be she's very capable of just tearing something apart (even Yasunori). Tannen is great. Insidious Madness are great. They're basically nasty little bastards that annoy the heck out of your opponent and don't even require any form of support. Just let one of those run through a wall into some enemy models, use Induce Phobia and have it just stand there. Also, if you have difficulties keeping Dora alive: Consider taking Aether Connection. Sure, it blocks another Upgrade and you'll most likely have to decide between very good options, but the one more damage prevented may turn out to be the deciding factor - it has been for me on many occasions though I tend to play Dora with Box, FGF and Aether Connection.
  10. bsm86

    What I hope 3rd Ed WON'T be.

    Although I'm not extremely anxious right now, I fully understand the fears of the OP. I started Malifaux as a reaction to Warhammer 40k 8th Edition totally ruining the game by streamlining and trying to make it more accessible. In reality they made it a mockery of its previous self with the only thing really determines the outcome of a game is the amount of dice you're able to roll and re-roll or the number of Mortal Wounds you can inflict. Malifaux is a completely different animal - and I love it. Yes, it is challenging to enter and even more so to become a really good player. As a henchman my hands are always full with the newcomers and their questions - which I love as well. That's why I volunteered to hench in the first place. As mentioned before: I'm not really worried about 3rd since there is no real information available. But I would be very disappointed if Malifaux became a game like so many others where it doesn't really matter what faction you're playing since everything is only a copy&paste. If Wyrd (and the selected few in the closed beta) can pull it off and make the game easier to access but keep its tactical depth, the psychological elements as well as the variety of options then everyone wins.
  11. Hi folks, We're doing it again! Our first tournament went quite well and everyone involved was pretty happy about it. We hope to achieve the same with the second instalment of our planned series. What? 50SS Single Faction 3 Rounds Gaining Grounds 2018 Unpainted miniatures allowed (although Best Painted will be honoured with first prize pick) When? Saturday, 03/11/2018 from 9:00 to 19:00 (detailed schedule will be available in the link below) Where? Top Tables GmbH Sternengasse 1b 50676 Cologne / Germany How? Registration now available at https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=22454 (Website in German). Registration will only be complete after paying the tournament fee of 10€. This covers prizes as well as the location. Hope to see you there! Benjamin
  12. Still offering every Sunday throughout August. In other news: The store owner slightly changed the policy and everyone interested in playing a demo on Sundays will now be able to do this free of any additional charges.
  13. bsm86

    [GERMANY] Italian player looking for others

    Hi, you can find quite a few people playing Malifaux in Düsseldorf - just look for Drachental. Of course you could make the trip to Cologne as well and visit us at there at Top Tables. Fridays and Sundays are usually our Malifaux days. Language will not be an issue as most of us know at least enough English to go through a game of Malifaux.
  14. Information above is still valid for July!