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  1. That's interesting. My LRM usually has the least amount of Chi since I tend to spend it all on his Trigger. Where you mitigating all damage or did you just not have the chance to heal as much?
  2. So, what is your point then? You did not play any game at all and just by looking at cards you're judging the quality of rules in an environment you have no real knowledge of? Most TT models have average Df / Wp and an average health pool. Some have Armor and thus slightly less health, others have a higher Df or any other Df tech. This, however, has always been the case. There are still plenty of tanky models, e.g. you can still hire Izamu and watch him not die. If there is a question of some sort hidden in your text then we could probably help you if you made it a bit more clear what it is you're actually asking.
  3. I totally agree. And still aside from Pandora most models with shockwaves don't have such a restriction e.g. McMo crew or Von Schill crew.
  4. I still don't quite get why Fears Given Form is Once Per Activation... It is not even that good and the WOEs don't get much benefit from failed WP duels. And just to be clear: I did not say Self Loathing should be Once Per Activation, only that it cannot target the same model twice.
  5. Before conditions were completely reworked there was quite a long thread suggesting it was not okay to completely shut down one model with conditions regardless of how many AP have been spent to do so. I believe it was about Injured and/or Distracted... I for one would be pleased if there were a possibility for Dora to negate one model completely - similar to how she could (actually still can) in M2E. The backlash however would probably be severe and further changes would not be far. Self Loathing currently is a bit clunky, sure. I don't like the idea of changing it to do fixed damage though. Instead of paying the cost and/or adhere to the restrictions in Italics why not just allow SL to only target a model once per activation. That would solve most of the problem cases in my view.
  6. Again, that's the issue here. Dreamer could play on his own, but when Zoraida makes him and his crew considerably better then it's a no-brainer to include her. You could replace "Dreamer" with "Neverborn Master" and it would still apply.
  7. That's kind of the issue. Zoraida is a very strong choice on her own but her own Keyword has limited options. Zoraida as a second Master complements all other NB Masters and improves them by a considerate margin. A margin which you probably (or surely) won't get when you hired other models. The comparison to M2E Nekima is actually pretty good. There was almost no NB crew in M2E that was built without Nekima or at least the consideration to hire her. She brought so much to the table that her steep cost of 13 stones was almost always worth the investment - even without pass tokens and the risk of being outactivated. @Angelshard is completely right: Zoraida on her own is fine enough so she does not need nerfs in order to be in line with other first master picks. She is however such a versatile second master pick that the only thing necessary to bring her in line would be to simply raise her cost (which obviously would not affect her as a first master).
  8. I played a couple of games with a Monk crew recently and I'm satisfied with the current state of Shenlong. Monks are still squishy and require some protection but I always felt like I had options - which is what (to me) Malifaux is all about. You could waltz right in with Shenlong and just murderize something or you could play the more control oriented style and push the enemy around. Lifting the restriction on Concentrate for Monks is really a good thing and together with Yu's Shouting Orders and the Students you can still get a decent amount of movement in Turn 1. LRM might be a bit too strong though; playing two of those results in an almost unkillable Shenlong.
  9. bsm86

    2/14 Pandora

    I like Iggy a lot. On top of what you already mentioned he's a great Schemerunner himself as he can just hide out auf sight with his Sz 1 and drop markers (obviously depending on terrain).
  10. There are some that do. Or did - at least there has been a thread a couple of weeks ago where there's been a somewhat heated argument on whether she is the best or the worst NB master currently.
  11. Which you probably have plenty of yourself since fielding a second master most of the time does not result in an overboarding model count in your own crew. I agree and I probably wouldn't even be complaining if it would be 19 plus tax. Zoraida is crazy good on her own even though some people seem to argue this fact.
  12. "Instead of Dropping a Shockwave Marker, this Action must center its Shockwave on target Scheme Marker within range.Shockwave 2, Mv 12, Damage 2, Burning +1. Then remove the target." The exact wording of the 03/07 Iggy card; important parts have been highlighted.
  13. And who is going to place 12 Scheme Markers per turn in a way that Iggy can actually do something with 12 Shockwaves?
  14. I don't see how any crew should have any issues at all with taking out Iggy...
  15. bsm86


    Although I really want to agree with you 100%, I still have some remaining doubt if Misery does actually work this way. It would be a different interpretation of the core rule concept of Auras as far as I read them. Maybe it is working more like this: Enemy model gets Condition X which triggers Misery auras of friendly model A and friendly model B. It is now up to you to decide which effect you want to apply but it still remains the enemy model's choice if it is affected by model A or model B. Again, I hope your interpretation is right since I too find it pretty counterintuitive to have the opponent pick his poison when it should actually be my choice...
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