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Iron Scorpius Style or 5 x Master Tournament


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so, the first few times I thought about this (5 x master tournament) I thought about it purely from a "what are the 5 x Guild masters I like/think are the best. However, that's not really the accurate way to look at this (IMO); really it should be what are the masters you like best for each strategy/what strategy would you play each master in and then the strategies kind of dictate how/what you play. 

When I first considered it from a purely master centric perspective I was thinking: Nellie, Sonnia, Lady J, Lucius, and then trying to decide who was #5- Perdita or McCabe? But, there are a few areas where it seems like they aren't playing a pure GG18 format and are either swapping in GG17 (or prior) strategies for some of the rounds or some quarters are choosing not to play Supply Wagons....personally I think Supply Wagons is an awesome strategy and I have a lot of fun with it but that doesn't seen to be the consensus from the east coast crew. But if I approach it from a strategy focused view I am not sure whether I end up the same or not. 

So for the remainder of June the Strats are: Extraction, Ply, Headhunter, Supply Wagons, and Guard the Stash then when you add in the "new" strats for 3rd and 4th quarter you get Interference, Public Execution, Ours and Symbols with some changes her and there to deployment. So for each of these strategies who do you like (top 3 for each) in order? Why? 


When I run through those- maybe with the exception of Supply Wagons/Symbols/Ply- it seems like I end up with Sonnia, Lady J, or Nellie. I really like Lucius for Supply Wagons (though McCabe can do all right too and of course so can Nellie) and I like Perdita for Ply (Nino & Family) but it seems like my biggest decision is which of the other strats gets each of my top 3- generally I like Sonnia for Public, Lady J for Extraction, and Nellie for Headhunter. I also like Nellie for Interference though Lucius can do well in it too. Anyone can just about do Guard and for Symbols I like Lucius, Nellie, and Perdita (probably in that order. 

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