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2 Supply Wagon Short Story Battle Reports


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Strat: Supply Wagons

Schemes: Setup, Inescapable trap, Undercover Entourage, Guarded Treasure, Take One for the Team

Round 1: Asami (Inescapable trap, UE: Yamaziko) vs. Pandora (Guarded Treasure, Take One for the Team: Baby Kade


"I've got this," Yamaziko called to Asami as she eyed the Monk of Low River and Ten Thunders Brother with the barest hint of approval in her eyes, "These strapping young men surely won't let an old woman do all of the work. heh." With that, she set off to push the wagon, eyeing Coppelius, Lilitu, and Baby Kade in the distance, and brandishing her glaive.

Asami set off to hunt down Pandora and the Mysterious Effigy and Emissary as well as a Doppelganger with Yasunori and her own Emissary in reserve. The words the old woman had said to her were ringing in her ears, "Cool, calm, collected- we move as lightning; we strike from the shadows like a thunderclap."

"Push that cart, ya dumb tree; I wanna play with that girl with the bad hair!" Pandora squealed eyeing up this new human whose brain would be so fun to pick apart; "like a gramlin eatin' froglegs," she muttered to herself, as she let the energies from the box begin to wrap around her, reaching out into Asami's mind and the mind of the monk lagging behind Yamaziko. "Fun, Fun, FFFFUUUUUNNNNN, but what's a T-bird anyways?"

That was when Pandora heard the whisper of soft scratching of strange pointed feet skittering towards her at unholy speed, as a large Spider Demon brought an equally ginormous Glaive slashing down across her face, and was that... blood? "NO! That is not how you play with me!" she screamed, reflexively crushing soulstones and floating away on the box's aetheric currents as the cretin took another swing. A green monkey demon wearing some kind of crude armor brought 2 sickles down at her, and she gasped reeling backwards. Then a man in a Kabuki mask wielding two katanas atop a beast that looked half dragon and half horse bore down on her in a flurry of swinging swords, and she floated away.

"I don't think I can take much more of this," Pandora thought as she tugged on the aetheric thread she had on Asami and noticed that the demons were actually spewing out of the girl's head and coming towards her, two spiders boxing her in. She stumbled, and the man with the Kabuki mask was there, she reached into the soulstone pouch Zoraida had given her. "Oh crap," she thought, and things became a frantic blur as pain siezed her body and she noticed her left arm wasn't quite working right, and her dress was most decidely not green anymore; it was- red.

Yamaziko heard Pandora's final wail from over the abandoned house she was pushing the cart past. "The girl has promise," she thought to herself, "Young Misaki did well in finding that one. Ha, even the oni must serve the thunder," so distracted in her thoughts, she did not see the first pass of the bladed whip as it began to curve around her neck, but in one fluid motion, she dropped straight down, crushing a soulstone to fortify the skin on her face from getting cut, and, slipping below the whip as it snaked in space where it might otherwise have cut her head off, she thrust her Glaive right through Litlitu's chest.

Somewhere in the bushes there was screaming as Baby Kade savaged the monk, and in the distance the sound of steel hacking into wood. "Stall Coppelius," Yamaziko ordered the Brother, motioning to the far corner of the building. She lit the charges in the wagon and ran.

Score: Asami 7 (4 Strat, 3 UE) Pandora 4 (3 Strat, 1 Guarded Treasure)


Round 2: Lynch (Setup: Howard Langston, UE:Yamaziko) vs. Marcus (Take One for the Team: Hoarcat Pride 1, UE:Marcus)

C'mon, you lot, get that cart movin'. We got a deadline to keep with that Brillianced shine," Lynch drawled, not quite looking Yamaziko in the eyes; the woman unnerved him somehow.

"I'll take the girl who spits demons out of her head over this guy any day," Yamaziko muttered to her comrades, a Monk of Low River and a Ten Thunders Brother, breaking her usual composure to give a nasty glare at the Beckoner standing nearby in the woods.

Suddenly, Hoarcat Prides burst out of the surrounding ruins as a feral roar emanated from behind a cart that was barreling towards the cart of brillianced liquor. "The hell," Lynch muttered as a heavily muscled man with very dark skin and a large shillelagh appeared from behind the cart with an equally massive three-headed sabertooth tiger. "Marcus, what are you doing here!?

"You will take your abominable taint from my lands this instant or face my wrath!" Marcus roared.

"Suit y'self," Lynch said. "Gun 'em down." With that a burst of fire spat from an oversized gattling gun atop the shoulders of a man dressed in full samurai regalia. Through all the bullets, however, Marcus kept his resolve, seeming to amp up more and more with each shot, many swinging wide and hitting a hoarcat pride."

Then Lynch's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Sensei Yu push him forward towards the carts and the Hungering Darkness burst forth, willing the sabertooth to take a swing on Marcus. "Huh, can't control your own pets, beastmaster?" Lynch said, watching Miranda sneak up to the mess of carts through the Hungering Darkness's sight. "Oh, no you don't touch my merchandise, Honey." Lynch said to himself, reaching into Miranda's soul with his darkness while simultaneously lining up shots on a hoarcat pride with his Derringers, felling the beasts. Then three aces shot from his sleeves, disappearing through the cart and puncturing through Miranda's lungs. "Dang, missed the heart," Lynch spat right as Miranda's dying body shifted into a second Sabertooth Cerberus.

As Lynch and company made short work of the second Cerberus, a giant man on mechanical spider legs burst forth, cutting the Hungering Darkness, who Marcus quickly finished off, then Yamaziko and the Ten Thunders Brother in half. "That's gonna cost you, Professor," Lynch said to Marcus, as he gathered the darkness back in and let it spill into Howard Langston. "Millie, finish this one off, Lynch called to the Beckoner, as he started to stroll in the direction Marcus was running. "I am going to have some words with the professor over there."

With Sensei Yu's help, Lynch caught up to Marcus, cornering him behind a rundown, abandoned shack. "I'll have you know," Lynch began, "that-"

"You will not corrupt this land," Marcus interrupted, growling through clenched teeth as blood loss began to cloud his vision.

"On Contrare," Lynch retorted. "You've no say in this matter. Now, as I was trying to say, you just killed the new Oyabun's master. She ain't gonna like that. In fact, she might get very cross with me. Now I'm tellin' you this cause I'm gonna bring your head to try and appease her, and you ain't gonna tell another soul." And with that, darkness swallowed Marcus.

Lynch 6 (4 Strat, 2 Setup) Marcus 5(3 Strat, 2 Take One for the Team)

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