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Rollcon Malifaux Event - March 3rd - Brecon

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Rollcon the premier Welsh gaming convention hosted by the Gwent Reavers will be holding their first Malifaux event this year and I will be running it for them.

Date March 3rd

It will be held at the Wellington Hotel, Brecon LD3 7AD

Cost is £12.00 and this includes entrance to the convention. For ticket information either visit the Table top gamers of Wales page on Facebook or email gwentreavers@gmail.com

It will be a 50ss, 3 round event using Gaining Grounds 2018.

There are no painting requirements for the event and there will be a prize for first and second place.

We have 8 spaces available on a first come first served basis.


1. Martin Wodehouse

2. Huw Jenkins

3. David Olovsson






Any questions contact shakes1066 on the Wyrd forums or the same on Twitter

Thank you


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List updated and trophies ordered, I should also have a Guilder for every player.

lots of interest on Facebook and people saying they are going so please get your tickets soon to avoid missing out.


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