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Comment on list in local Tournament Parker? Viktoria?


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Hi guys, recently I am joining a local tournament, which require player to provide a 75 ss list, and select 50 from it, and play 3 matches.
The tournament also allow us to select up to 3 masters, their upgrade (limited to them), and totems (limited of them) are all free of cost.

I have a couple things in mind but not really sure I am heading the right direction.




Maddog 9ss + Lucky Poncho upgrade 1ss

Will switch him in If I need blast to clear out hordes.

Johan 7ss (a decent hard hitter)

Hans 7ss + 0 ss upgrade advance sight (sniping targeting enemy with upgrade)

Sue 8ss (to take out totem)

Strong arm suit 10ss (not sure him or Bishop, for hard hitter)

Killjoy 12ss


Bandito 5 ss / Dead outlaw 6 ss/ Ronin 6 ss/ Desperate Merc. 3ss

Upgrade : Oath Keeper + I pay Better = 2 ss

Total 75ss


Any comment/Advice? any things I should switch away?

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