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2.25.18 Together Fauxever - 1st Anniversary (Twin Cities, MN)


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Together Fauxever - 1st Anniversary

It has been a year since our happy couples got together. Now we come together again to see who beat the odds and stayed together, who have already left for someone else, and what new strangers have gotten together since the last we met. However they got together, we still have a good excuse to hold a party.

Save the Date – Sunday, February 25th 2018

Venue – The Source Comics and Games, 2057 Snelling Ave N, Roseville, Minnesota 55113

The Happy Couple - You are only allowed to bring two masters to the tournament, they do not need to be from the same Faction. Which ones you’re taking must be noted beforehand on a hiring pool document. If you are a single Master kind of person just pick a second one and record it as if you intended to play it (Even if your +1 doesn’t show up at an event, you still get to eat their food if you say they did… right?).
Disclaimer: This tourney will not discriminate on couples based on race, gender, robotic parts or 'being alive' status.

The Guest List - You must create a guest list for your two masters, this is going to be the pool of models that you can hire from at the start of each game. This pool cannot exceed 100 SS of models, this is determined by adding up the printed SS cost of each model in the list. Things you do NOT need to pay for in this pool include summonable models, Upgrades, any mercenary tax for hiring out of faction or any SS you want in your starting cache. You must record this pool of models on the same piece of paper as your two Master choices and bring it to the event. Sample Guest Lists on the following pages.

The Invitation - At the start of each round instead of declaring a Faction you will announce the two Masters that are your Happy Couple. You will then build a 50SS list that must be lead by one of those two masters and only hiring the models in your "Guest List" (upgrades and SS cache may be purchased as normal). Your list must be legal in all the normal ways, i.e. you can only take upgrades and hire models from the Faction of your chosen master (with the normal exceptions like mercs). In the case of Dual Faction Masters you must pick one of their Factions when building your list.

Center of Attention – Painting is not required on any models from your guest list or any summonable models but it still must be clear as to what model they are (no blank bases or absurd proxies). Since the Masters are the focus of the event they must be painted to a three color minimum (unless they are a LE dayglow or transparent Wyrd model). Over the extended break the player's Masters must be left out so a picture may be taken of each happy couple. Attendees of the tourney will also vote on their favorite using whatever criteria they feel like (this criteria should at least partially be based on the paint job). The best looking couple as chosen by this vote will receive the Center of Attention award. Anyone who only brings a single Master will not be considered for the Center of Attention award, but they will still be required to meet painting requirements.

Budget – $10. 100% of which will go to prize support.

Gift List – Prizes will be given to at least 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with an additional prize for the Center of Attention award in the form of store credit.

Notes from the Planner – Strategies, Deployment and Schemes can be found later on in this document along with the schedule of when each round will be played. The tourney format will follow Gaining Grounds 2018 in all other ways not addressed above. {link to GG18 incoming}

10:30-11:00 Registration
11:00-1:00 Round 1
1:00-1:30 Happy Couple Pictures and grabbing a quick bite to eat
1:30-3:30 Round 2
3:45-5:45 Round 3
6:00-6:10 Standings and Prizes

And remember, good things can happen too.


Full Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10P9yGJBEEqmfMC2IN4UeO2PpgfSCSzbRsWtrjpizAcM/edit?usp=sharing

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