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Happy Little Accidents - Werner's Abominations

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Spending the year at University in England, I've wasted what little spare time I've got getting back into Malifaux. Not wanting my Desolation Engine to get lonely, I painted up some little buddies for him to bully. I've bought the Salvage & Logistics Crew-box as well, in addition to the old metal-versions I've got back in Old Country, so I have more of these little blighters than I know what to do with.

Everything is done by layering - partly to get the quasi-cartoony feel to the paint-job, partly beause I'm superstitiously wary of washes and glazes (Something I'll have to muster the courage to try at properly at some point). I feel they turned out alright, but C&C is of course welcome. ^_^ And, if you're curious about the colour-choices, just ask.

Hopefully Levi will flip those :crow's so they'll get to see any action outside of being pooped out by my Desolation Engine. :lol:

While Optimized-IMG_20170719_015551.thumb.jpg.a2831a8de29580f40f02099580c9240b.jpg



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