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LeagueFaux @ Firestorm

Bucket Monkey

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Through September and October I will track the games played for the in store league.  

Format will be a standard league, win loss draw.


Start 1st September, end 27th October.  

Location: Firestorm Games, Trade Street, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, CF10 5DT


Games can be played at anytime during Firestorms opening hours.  Usual gaming evenings are Tuesday and Thursday.  Games can be arranged on the Firestorm Irregulars or the Firestorm Malifaux Facebook group, or pickups on the day.


Further details, and posting of results will be through the firestorm irregulars or firestorm malifaux Facebook pages, as per usual.

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Final results table.   Not the best of months for games at FS, but things started to pick up in the last few weeks.  Now my new job has settled hopefully I'll get more than the one game ive had in the last 8 weeks, before nationals.


Jon McCarthy CP 9, W3, L1, D0. Vp 30, Vp diff +14
Liam Coupland Cp 3, W1, L0, D0, Vp 6, Vp Diff +2
Jay Walters Cp 3, W1, L1, D0, Vp 11, Vp Diff 0
Michael Hartman, Cp 3, W1, L2, D0, Vp14, Vp diff -6
Cydney Oliver, Cp 0, W0, L2, D0. Vp 7, Vp diff -10


I will be in touch with Jay and Jon regarding prizes and I will give you your participation guilders when I am next at FS.

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