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Excelsior Games Bristol presents:

Saturday 15th July 2017: Henchman Hardcore.

Henchman Hardcore Rules.pdf

Saturday 16th September 2017: Tag Team.

Saturday 11th November 2017: Treacherous Ties.

Saturday 9th December 2017: Gaining Grounds Store Championships.

3 round swiss. 50 SS Encounters. Arsenal can include up to 75 SS of models and must include a minimum of one master and no more than two masters.  Upgrades and summoned models do not have to be deducted from this total.

The following applies to all tournaments

Cost: £8.  Pre-pay is preferred either by sending money to excelsiorcomicsbristol@gmail.com via paypal or by phoning 0117 925 7479.  Please state which event you are booking for.

Timing: 10:00 open doors, 10:30 registration, 11:00 round 1 start, finished by 19:00 latest.

Spaces: 16 hard limit.

Where: 32 Bond Street, Bristol, UK, BS1 3LX.

Painting requirements: Models do not have to be painted (but is is much more fun playing with painted crews) however there will be prizes for best painted.

Prize support:  Play for the day will award you a minimum of £5 Excelsior voucher and 1 Wyrd Guilder.

1st Place Certificate, large mystery box, 3 Guildes chip (exchanged for the 1 guilder chip).

2nd place, small mystery Box, two 1 guilder chips (one additional to base).

3rd Place, 3rd place certificate, two 1 guilder chips (one additional to base).

Best painted (awarded by vote), small mystery box, two 1 guilder chips (one additional to base).

Sports Personality awards will be decided on the day.


This posting will be updated with further details and links to rule sets following on from each event.


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