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New-ish player, need advice on..stuff


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Hey guys. Picking up Malifaux again and after a few games and some good advice here I settled on Neverborn. I'll be buying Lynch box set, Depleted, Stitched Together, Twins, Primordial Magic, Nekima, Tannen & Greaves, and I already have mkI Lilith box and Tuco, plus a few essential Outcasts like Johan if I really need them. Between all that stuff I'm assuming I should be able to put together 2 decent crews to cover most matchups. Later expand into Dreamer (already have Dreamer & Chompy, Daydreams, Alps, Teddy, possibly something else) and Pandora.

My question is concerning the cards for these models. I bought mkII decks for my McMourning and Vics so I have an idea what to expect but assuming I get the correct cards (mkII) with newly purchased models, will I get relevant upgrade cards for Nekima or will those come in a seperate deck? Wave 1 deck should include Lil & her box set Nephilim but what about Tuco?

Any other advice you could think of? I'm sure I'll think of other stuff as I explore the game further. :)

Cheers, S


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