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CoMo Malifaux December One Night Tournament


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It looks like it is that time for another one night tournament.  This time we will host a 3 round growth tournament.  Rules are Fixed faction, where all models and upgrades from a round must be used in the subsequent round.  This will take place at our standard meeting place, ValHalla's Gate ( 2525 Bernadette Dr Columbia, Missouri 65203 ) Starting 6pm December 22.  All schemes to be revealed at start of tournament


Round 1

Close Deployment, Turf War, 15 soulstones, 30 min round


Round 2

Flank Deployment, Reconnoiter, 25 soulstones, 40 min round


Round 3

Close Deployment, Reckoning, 35 soulstones, 50 min round

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