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Weekly game night in Eastern NC


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Hi everyone! Malifaux is continuing to grow at in Greenville, NC and we've hit the point where new players are getting ready to begin playing in events.

We have a relaxed, learning meta with the end goal being tournaments both in Greenville, and traveling to play with the rest of the NC meta. Don't worry if you're new to the game or returning after a lapse -- new players are developing together. 

Here's are the details and we hope to see you soon!

Time: Thursday night, 6 p.m. - Close also by arrangement.

Where: Well Played Games 
1909 E Firetower Rd Ste G
Greenville, NC 27858

Bring: Just yourself! We can lend you crews to learn while you decide on a faction.

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Wanted to touch base with everyone. Things are moving along really well in the area and we have a lot of new players. I've also had some of you reach out from surrounding areas explaining that Tuesday isn't the best night for you. This is fine!


We now have additional game time by arrangement. Feel free to message me here and you can be added to a Facebook chat we use to arrange games with other eastern NC players. Happy gaming!

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