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BACONFAUX - 27th August, Perth, WA

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9.30am for 10am start

10-12 – Game 1

12-1 – Lunch

1-3 – Game 2

3.15-5.15 – Game 3

5.15 – Dinner


-          2 Pre-prepared lists are to be given to TO by 22nd.

-          Lunch will be bacon, bacon with hickory sauce, bacon, facon, and whiskey

-          Dinner will be slow cooked cajun BBQ ribs and a VEGETARIAN SURPRISE, in that I haven’t worked it out yet.


Four tables, four strategies. Players will be rotated between tables randomly.


Strategy 1 – PORK GRIND!

A 40mm Angry Porker will be situated in the centre of the table. The Porker may be attacked at range or in melee and has DF4, unlimited wounds. The opposing player flips for the Porker’s defence. A successful hit pushes the Porker up to 3” directly away from the attacker. At the end of every turn after the first, if a player has 2 non-peon models within 3” of the Porker they score 1VP.


Strategy 2 – Wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

Six 30mm Piggy bases will be situated along the Centre line. Any model moving within 2” of a Piggy triggers a TN12 WP duel that may not be cheated. Succeeding at the duel allows the model’s owner to push the Piggy 3” in any direction. Failing moves the Piggy 6” directly away from the model. At the end of every turn after the first, a player scores 1VP if two or more Piggies have one or more of their non-peon models within 2” and no non-peon enemy models within 2”.



Strategy 3 – BOOMSHINE!

Three 50mm moonshine still markers are placed in each half of the board and one in the centre of the table. A player ‘owns’ the three markers in their half of the table. A model may interact with an enemy still marker within 1”, or the centre still marker, and as a (1) interact action place a dynamite charge. An opposing model may disarm a dynamite charge by moving within 1” of the still, using a (1) interact action and passing a TN 12 WP duel. At the end of each turn, all armed dynamite charges will explode, causing 2 damage to any models within 3” of the marker. A player scores 1 VP for each still they destroy.


Strategy 4 – HOOCHIE MAMA. Six 30mm hooch stash markers are placed along the centreline of the table. Any model in base to base contact with a hooch stash may take a (1) interact action and gain the following condition until the end of the game – PLASTERED – This model suffers a negative flip to all duels. At the end of each turn after the first a player scores 1 VP if two or more of his models have the PLASTERED condition.


Each table will also have a selection of 4 schemes, two of which will be assigned randomly to each player. These are *variations* on existing schemes ;)

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