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September Rapid Growth League


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Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to announce that Adventure Games in Oshkosh, WI is hosting a Rapid Growth League during the month of September! We will be following the guidelines from Wyrd in their Organized Play Formats document.  We will be officially meeting every Wednesday night from 5-9pm (if you are unable to make it during that time you can get a game in any night of the week, with a little preplanning).  If anyone is unfamiliar with how this works here is a brief overview: Each week we will be increasing the point values of our games until we work our way up to 50 points. Each week, players in the league will play one of the other participants in an attempt to gain achievements. Whoever has the most achievement points at the end of all 4 weeks wins! We encourage players to do their best at building and painting their crews and you can earn achievements just by working on your crew. 

At the beginning of the league each player will declare a single faction which they will play throughout all 4 weeks. 

Week 1, September 7th: 26 Soulstones

Week 2, September 14th: 30 Soulstones

Week 3, September 21st, 40 Soulstones

Week 4, September 28th, 50 Soulstones 

If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me, or you can call Charlene at Adventure Games (920)231-3473. I hope to see you all there! 

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