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H: LE Models W: Dark Carnival, Nephilim


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Hey all

I am looking for the Dark Carnival crew, either the whole box or just some pieces (mainly the mannequins and the monkeys). Also, I am looking for some of the nephilim to complete a Lilith crew (Young, Mature, Scion, Shaman, Nekima, Angel Eyes).

I have the following limited edition models to trade:

- Pink Malifaux child (assembled)
- Miss Anne Thrope (fully painted)
- Miss Step, alternate Howard Langston (New In Box)
- Red Translucent Bete Noire (New In Box)
- Bayou Gremlin (New In Box)
- Aionus (Primed Black)
- Bayou Gator (new on sprue)
- Red Translucent Coryphee/Duet (new on sprue)

Also, some other models that I am happy to trade, since most of them were purchased for a Leveticus Crew that I'll never end up using:

- Ashes and Dust (assembled and primed black)
- 2 Necropunks (assembled and primed black)
- Joss (assembled)
- Punk Zombie (assembled)
- Dead Doxy (new on sprue)
- Pride (new on sprue)
- Bishop (new on sprue)
- Mobile Toolkit (new on sprue)
- Ronin (new on sprue)
- 2 Soulstone Miners (new in box)
- 3 Molemen (assembled and primed white)
- Seamus (assembled and primed black)
- 3 Rotten Belles (assembled and primed black)
- Madame Sybelle (assembled and primed black)
- Essence of Power (assembled)

PM me in interested! Thanks for reading.

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