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Saddles On Fire


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Come join us for a great day of Malifaux games as we host the tournament, Saddles On Fire. This will be a three round fixed faction tournament. The strategies for the rounds will be based on current strategies with an additional flair. Prize for best painted model will be given, but all other prizes will be random draw. Registration will be from 11:00 to 11:30 am followed up by pairings. Rounds will be one hour and 45 min, with a 1 hour break for lunch after the first round. Entry fee is $5 to mainly go towards prize support.

This will take place at Valhalla's Gate in wonderful Columbia MO (2525 Bernadette Dr. Columbia MO 65203) on September 24.

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To help those brave enough to come, the GG2016 rules will be in effect for schemes, and the deployment and strategies goes as follows:

Round 1:  Corner Deployment; Interference

Round 2:  Close Deployment; Turf War

Round 3:  Standard Deployment; Head Hunter

Remember that there will be an extra flair to each part so be ware.


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