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Herr Klank's TtB Campaign


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Hi all,

I've just finished the first session of my Through the Breach campaign, which was more of a "Session 0", since we spent the first half building characters and talking about what sort of a game the players are interested in. Our inaugural game was the Penny Dreadful Recruitment Drive, thanks to some excellent advice from people on this forum.

Full details are in my new blog (link at the bottom of this post), but here's the party, just to give you a taste of how utterly nutbar this game will most likely be:

Tidal-Graverobber who sees Necromancy as just another branch of science.

Zoe-Wastrel, blacksmith, amateur pugilist, and ne'er-do-well

William-Mercenary who really just wants to go home

Winston Thurmond III-Dabbler son of Oxfordian academics

Leent-Crazy girl raised by Gremlins, likes hitting things with her sticks

The full reports can be found here:



I'll try to keep this thread updated whenever I update the blog with new play sessions. I'll also be posting Malifaux batreps and general thoughts on both games. Please comment with any thoughts or suggestions, I'm always open to new ideas!

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And I promptly failed to keep this thread updated. D'oh! Anyway, there are 2 new play sessions reported on my blog, feel free to check them out! 

Here's the short and sweet of it:

Session 2: the Fated accidentally set an ancient construct free, then promptly ignored it and went about investigating a random npc I'd made up on the spot, eventually double-crossing and killing him. Then they finally deigned to kill the construct. 

Session 3: the Fated were drafted by the Death Marshals to help with hunting down a resser and his Drowned minions. It went OK (only 1 limb lost), but when they met up at the hanging tree afterwards, Jack Daw appeared and marked the one who killed the NPC in session 2. Cliffhanger! 

Session 4: coming in early December! 

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